Vietnam Green Investment and Construction Consultancy Joint Stock Company with the charity program “Incubating the talent of the country”

This year is the first year the leaders of Vietnam Green Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company together to contribute to the organization of a volunteer program for the children who have difficult lives in highland provinces.

On November 9th, 2018: The company car brings the charity to Hoang Thang Kindergarten in Van Yen, Yen Bai Province -Being one of the poor communes and  there are many difficulties for their schoolings. The journey to give the charity to children is indeed not a simple thing. The school’s facilities still have many shortcomings, each family’s condition still has many difficulties. But those things still can’t stop the joy of going to school, go to class.

Wishing to “Incubate the talent of the country” by the Chairman of the Company, the company leadership has jointly launched all employees in the company to contribute to donate 06 TVs Smart to the children.

The things that have been done are really too small, but the leaders and employees in the company always keep in mind that we will try and maintain a wide range of charitable activities every year. Help them, to make it easier for people with more difficult circumstances.